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"Nothing gets done around here without Builders! You can hire more builders to start multiple construction projects, or speed up their work by using green gems."

- , Clash Of Clans!

The Builder's Hut is home to one of the games most valuable resources, without them nothing would be possible. Each hut has one builder, they build and upgrade structures around your village. They are purchased using gems. They take up a total of 4 squares in a 2 x 2 area.

Below is a breakdown of each level upgrade and what you unlock after it's finished!

Hut Hit Points Cost Build Time
1 250 Free None
2 250 250 None
3 250 500 None
4 250 1000 None
5 250 2000 None

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Clashomatic said...

Builders huts take so long to earn and buy. For only $30 you can just buy them and be on your way. Saw a new game started at where he's outlining all of his strategy to build up quickly and have fun.

Great post here - helps to better understand how to earn the builders huts. Cheers

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