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Village: Level 3

FreeAppsKing - Clash Of Clans Village - Level 3 - Clash Of Clans Guide -

After I started playing the game I was immediately hooked! I was searching for a style app to play and develop, something I could update daily and enjoy for a long period of time. Luckily I stumbled upon this gem by and that gaming void was filled! Pictured above is the start of this fantastic adventure, level 3 and the beginning of me getting sucked in to the addiction. Simply put it's just awesome!

You're objective is to construct a village, build a defense, train an offensive, collect resources, upgrade it all and prepare yourself to battle enemies doing the same! Does this sound like fun?

If you're interested in this app:

Village: Level 49

FreeAppsKing - Clash Of Clans Village - Level 49 - Clash Of Clans Guide -

Although I wish I had started this site when I began the game and stayed up to date with images of my village as I leveled up, it's ok. From now on I will aim to consistently put up a new image after each level up! I have a solid defense in the making!

Village: Level 53

FreeAppsKing - Clash Of Clans Village - Level 53 - Clash Of Clans Guide -

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